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Doing things differently

I love helping businesses succeed in the online world by being passionate about software solutions that matter, make sense and make a difference.

my story

The beginning of the journey

From an young age, I was fascinated by all things related to “problem solving”; whether it was puzzles, riddles or any kind of brain teaser. I realized that it made sense to run my career towards this direction, where I discovered the beauty of informatics and programming.


I have graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of La Laguna (Spain) and the University of Rijeka (Croatia), and I have consolidated as a professional software developer on a Danish digital agency, where I have the chance to further strengthened my skills and help clients from around the world.


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my purpose and principles

What do I value? How do we drive success?

Life is about taking on challenges and figuring out how to overcome them. I do love challenges, unsolvable problems, and ultimately, results.

I foster a culture of creativity and experimentation
Any practices, processes and policies are always honest and on display
Always delivering high standards in all aspects of the business
Customer focus
The needs and desires of the customers come first
Commitment to personal and professional development and continuous learning
We will collaborate with each other and work towards shared goals
mission and focus

What motivates my work?

We’ve all asked ourselves: “Why do we work?” “What motivates us and make us hungry for further knowledge and experiences?”. In my case, the answer is easy. I simply take pleasure in my work for what it is. Every day I get to create software solutions that can really make a positive impact in people’s life/business.


I am committed to elevate my clients’ businesses and provide competitive advantage. My mission is to both myself and my customers is to become primarily driven by recurring revenue. This approach enables us to deliver our best work to users, projects, and products that are the right match.


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The ultimate dream

I strive to be a leader in the industry by pushing the boundaries of technology and make a positive impact on the world.